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Skybell HD Review

The capabilities of the new Skybell HD was a surprise to me. I’d once used a Skybell buzzer but I was disappointed as it lacked some of the essential features I would have expected in it. The lack of HD videos, no medium to save or record video clips and the inability to use third-party applications was a huge turn-off as I had expected much changes in the process.skybell-hd-silver-wifi-video-doorbellSkybell HD shares a semblance of the round silver metallic design peculiar to older Skybell and Skybell v2.While trying out the app of the device, I enjoyed a well-designed, responsive and top-notch interface: this makes it a leader in the ever expanding best mart doorbell category. It can be made to fit different situations and houses. If you have not made a choice, the Skybell HD deserves a huge consideration in beefing up the alert system of your home to enhance security.

How it works

Video starts recording as soon as the motion sensor of the Skybell HD is activated. Immediately the visitor presses the doorbell button, a notification is swiftly sent to the cellphone and that of the visitor at the door. Your wireless router is the link between the Skybell HD and your cell phone, Skybell HD connects to the router and uses the internet to connect your cell phone.

After connecting you can answer using your cell phone, and converse with your visitor via video. It’s a one way video chat in which you can see your guest but they on the other hand cannot see you. There should have been a web interface provided in addition to the iOS and Android application. It makes it possible to control all the security using you phone and makes monitoring of all the events outside the house very easy.

Features of Skybell HD

  • Skybell HD is packed with an array of excellent features:
  • 1080p HD steaming
  • Motion sensor from 8 feet
  • Live monitoring of your front door from your cell phone
  • Free video recording
  • Colour night vision
  • Multiple user enabled
  • Two-way audio
  • Heavy duty (-40F(-40C) and as high as 140F (60C) temperature)
  • Water resistant


Wireless Video doorbell is an essential gadget in every smart home now: they should be easy to install without cutting and peeling off the existing cables and interfering with the original setting. With my parent’s fear of electricity and technology, I prefer plug and play devices that they can figure how to install easily immediately after they are delivered to them. This will also be of great help to many other people who prefer plug and play. The Skybell HD is packed with screws, screwdriver and every other needed accessory for easy attachment to your front door.

Installing the Skybell HD is quite technical but pretty easy, you will need it connected to the existing doorbell or an external power source. I decided to connect it to external power source , but it needed a diode resistor which comes at an additional expense .I latter resorted to connecting Skybell HD to my former analogue door bell. You will have to complete the installation using your iOS or Android device by downloading an app.

Installing the Skybell HD can come in 6 easy steps that may take around 1 hour of your time.

  1. Choose power source , which can be through an existing doorbell wiring or an adapter
  2. Attach the mounting plate to the location of your choice
  3. Fix doorbell on the mounting plate using screws underneath
  4. Download and install the Skybell HD app to your iOS or Android cellphone
  5. Configure the Skybell HD app
  6. Test your new Skybell HD

Video Quality

I’ve come across other trending door bells presently in the market and other buildings: from among Ring Doorbell, Ring Pro and August Doorbell Cam which has 720p, 1080p and 960p resolutions respectively. Skybell HD with 1080p resolution delivers a higher picture quality than all of the three, this is based on testing all of this devises and having their results.

The interesting aspect is the fantastic viewing angle, the clear and colourful picture of the Skybell HD which is unrivaled by others. The camera is capable of live streaming, which is swift and fast with minimal delays of around 0.3 seconds

In area of motion detection, I’m able to see a stray pet always using my door as comfort one; it clearly detects both animals and humans and record every motion it feels. Enabling the motion detector has a sensitivity set up that is triggered 5 to 10 feet from the door.

Using the device at night also works great following the high quality considered, I had to place a remotely controlled toy, with illuminating lights outside to see how the night vision of the device fares. The Skybell HD produces a crystal clear and colourful picture at night. I believe this is due to the very bright LED lights at the top of the doorbell and it is complimented by the light around the push button. Both lights acted as lighting for the camera for enhancing night vision and to make the device work effectively even in the dark giving it more advantage.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of smart doorbells is worth considering when choosing one for your home or office. The Skybell HD has a sound delay of about 1 second, but overall the sound quality is well above average. The exiting discovery I made about the delay is that the delay only occurs from doorbells to the cellphones, but there isn’t any delay for the cellphone to the doorbell.


With the changes in technology, the security of you house or premises is now right in your hands. To control how your house is protected try Skybell HD today and enjoy the great features. You will be able to know who visit your place both during the day and during the night. Only authorized visitors will access your house for you can see them in advance. Skybell HD is the next big thing when it comes to security and should be adopted for effective control.

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