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Ring Doorbell Pro Review


I liked the Ring’s Video Doorbell but let’s be honest, it had its fare share of challenges. While it enabled me to know who was at my door, it streamed in 720p, didn’t have fine-grained motion detection and also featured a boxy design.

But the guys at Ring seem to have realized this and that’s why they introduced Video Doorbell Pro. This is a much upgraded version of the Video Doorbell. It captures great footages in 1080p, and lets you set motion zones to be alerted in specific area. Also, the Pro is much slicker and smaller than its predecessor. Continue reading my Ring Video Doorbell Pro review to learn what great features that this video doorbell offers.

How it Works

Like its predecessor the Ring Video Doorbell, the Pro also has a motion sensor, camera and a microphone as well as a speaker. It allows you to use your Android or iOS device to not only see but also talk to any person at your front door. And the best part is that you don’t have to be in your house to talk to your visitor. You can answer them from wherever you are in the world.ring-video-doorbell-proWhen a visitor presses the button, you receive a push notification on your device which takes you straight to the Live View and to the app. To start talking to your visitor, you only have to tap the Talk button that is if you choose to talk to the person at the door. I witnessed firsthand the importance of this feature the other day when I had a visitor at 9.00 pm when I was not expecting anyone. Instead of dashing to the front door to see who it was, I just turned on the app and asked my visitor what he wanted. I was able to talk to him without risking my security. I was also impressed by the fact that I could see the visitor clearly even under the cover of darkness.


1080p HD Resolution

The Ring Video Pro offers a much improved 1080p resolution, which delivers greater clarity of pictures. It gives you finer details of your guest and even more vibrant image.

Interchangeable Faceplates

A notable feature of the Pro is that it gives you the freedom to freely change color of faceplate anytime you want. Instead of having a permanent color you cannot change, the Pro gives you the flexibility to change the faceplate to match your home or décor color scheme.

Motion Detection

Instead of choosing various motion zones as it was the case with the original Video Doorbell, the Ring Pro lets you create your specific shaped zones. This means you are free to create your own specific zones instead of having to use pre-selected zones which don’t give more flexibility.

Night Vision

The Ring Pro features a variety of built-in infrared LEDs which allow you to see quite clearly in limited light settings. The night vision is much more improved than the original doorbell.

Battery Use

The Ring Video doorbell had serious battery power but here is where the Ring Pro really outperforms it. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which also works with a wire. For you to activate the Ring Pro, you will need to first connect it to the wire system.


Having installed the Ring Video doorbell, I found that installing this one was quite easy. The unit comes with only two wires which you can connect to either terminal. You just cannot get it wrong even if you are installing it for the first time. But for Ring PRO, you also need it install an additional item which is included. It resembles a small power pack and it comes inside the box of the mechanical doorbell chime. The purpose of this additional accessory is to ensure that the Pro has sufficient power to operate. Wiring is also pretty easy although the challenges is to find a spot in the box to mount the power pack in such a manner that it does not interfere with the chimes.

Once everything has been wired up, the Ring will show up as Wi-Fi hotspot which you can connect your mobile device to. Next is to do further configuration with Ring Android or iOS app.

The Ring Pro comes with all that you need to install the unit properly. It also comes with 4 interchangeable faceplates.

Video quality

Featuring an improved 1080p HD video, the Ring Pro delivers excellent pictures both at day time and night. The video quality is obviously better with crisp and clear pictures. You can watch live feed in excellent pictures and even recorded video which is stored remotely on cloud.

Audio Quality

The Ring App lets you speak to anyone at the door, and they will also be able to talk back to you very clearly. Speaking verbally is not only easy but also clear, and this is thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone that it comes with. The Ring guys have even integrated an advanced noise-cancellation technology which filters all the unwanted noses in the background and provides clear communication devoid of any distortion.

Pros and Cons


  • One-way video and two-way audio

Like the Ring doorbell, the Pro also features a one-way video that lets you see who’s at your door without letting them see you. This is for your own safety. The audio quality is also excellent and you can talk and be talked to back without any problem.

  • Easy to use

The Ring Pro is quite easy to use. It comes with an installation manual and a complete installation kit that makes setting it up quite easy. Anyone can use it, even if they have never installed a video doorbell before.

  • Lifetime protection

The Ring Pro has a lifetime warranty which just means that it will be replaced for you for free should it be stolen by someone.

  • Built-in LED technology and Night Vision
  • Modern design

The design of the Ring Pro is much better than the original Ring Doorbell. It is smaller, much sleeker and above all, it comes with interchangeable faceplate which allows you to choose a cover that matches your home décor. Read every ring pro review and you will see that the design is something that nearly every customer speaks about. Ring Pro is without doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing doorbells in the market.

  • Cloud recording

It also features an option of cloud recording. This means that captured footages can be stored remotely and you can access them anytime you want and from anywhere.

It automatically records footage and also alerts you when it detects motion. Through its motion sensors you will be able to know when there is someone at your door.

  • Excellent night vision:

The Ring Pro comes with infrared LED that allows you to capture footage even in what can be said to be dim light conditions. You can also see the visitor at night and the 2-way audio is just awesome.


  • Smaller field of view compared to its predecessor
  • Deleting multiple entries in the app is not easy
  • There is a slight delay between pressing the button and the doorbell ringing.


With advanced features and an ultra thin design, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is undoubtedly the premium choice for a best video doorbell. it also features superior audio and video quality to its predecessor, and is very easy to use and also install. It connects to preexisting wires from your internal doorbell and will allow you to monitor your home conveniently using your smartphone from any part of the world.

The Pro also comes with an option of interchangeable faceplates which allows you to have perfect match for the aesthetics in your home. It boasts some important features like 1080p HD camera, much improved motion detection and is also compatible with 5 GHz WI-Fi. I would say this is a steal for its price. Go get it. You won’t be disappointed.


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