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Best Wireless Intercom Systems


A wireless intercom has many advantages of its wired counterpart. One obvious advantage of a wireless security system is that you need not have wires running all over the place. This not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures that the whole setup is much tidier. It also gives you the ability to move units easily. If you want to change location of the units, you can do it much faster and more easily in just minutes. Another advantage of a wireless intercom is that you can install extra units much more easily. You can’t do this with a wireless system.

Types Of Intercom Systems

An intercom system basically refers to a kind of home security system gadget that is used for communicating with people within and without a building. Intercom systems come in various types with varied specs and features. Different people choose different systems based on their personal preference and taste. In this section, we look at the most common types of intercom systems.

Carrier-Current Intercoms

Carrier-Current intercom systems are connected directly to the AC power supply of a building. It then creates a medium AM frequency signals. They are pretty much like the hard-wired intercom systems and they won’t give you interference problems. The only problem with carrier-current systems is that they cannot be installed until the construction of a property is completed.

Its audio quality isn’t as strong as that of a hardwired system but it still a great choice for apartment blocks. This is because these intercom systems operate on low frequency which means that the communicate range is a bit shorter. But if you are residing in a landed property, or you want a system to use in a big office building, you may have to look for other alternatives.

Hardwired Intercoms

Another name for the hardwired intercoms is wired intercoms. Wired systems are so named because they wired into the building’s main electrical system. Hardwired systems are best installed during the building of a house. An intercom specialist should work closely with your contractor to decide the most appropriate time to have the system installed.

Choosing to set up the system after the home is fully constructed may present some challenges. For example, you will need to have holes drilled into the walls so that electrical wires can be inserted. This type of system ensures that all the wiring is hidden in the walls. Not only does this look better but it also performs better since there is nearly zero interference. Also, the audio quality is much improved compared to carrier-current intercoms.

Wired intercoms are most widely used in condominiums where the installation is done in the middle of construction of a building. If you want this type of intercom system, it is important that it is done when the property is still under construction.

Wireless Intercoms

Wireless intercoms are relatively late entrants into the industry. Like the name suggests, they don’t require physical wiring. Probably the biggest advantage of wireless intercom systems is that they are quite cheap. In fact, of all the options of intercom systems, the wireless type is the cheapest.

They are also the easiest to install because all you have to do in terms of installation is to put speakers in strategic spots around your house and have batteries inserted into them. However, it is not without its disadvantages. It has a lot of interference. Your system may pick up other wireless system’s signals so that you hear other people’s conversations.

Video intercoms

Today, video intercoms have become among the most popular intercoms for homes. It allows users to not only talk to a visitor but also see them while they are still at the entryway. A video intercom is basically wired since it is not easy to wirelessly send a video feed. The type of a video intercom that you settle for will primarily depend on the features you are looking for and your budget.

Some of the video door phones have a picture memory on which to store snapshots of visitors. In the same way, if you happen to have a good budget, you can choose high-tech video door phone which packs features like pan, tilt and zoom.

Automated gate entry intercoms

This type of intercom system lets you remotely open the door without the need for being physically at the gate to open it for your visitor. It comes with a remote which allows you to open, close and even lock the door right from where you are sitting. These systems come with a video camera which also monitors the person on the door and even footage of them is recorded. Some systems however only allow you to communicate with your visitor but don’t include live video feed.


When buying an intercom system for your home, there is a raft of features that you need to consider. They include the following:

Sound quality

The sound quality of an intercom is very important. The audio control and filtering are very important to ensure successful operation. Also important is the reliability of communication channel.

Echo Cancelling

Most wireless intercom systems use full duplex communication capable of causing feedback and echo. The sound from the speaker needs to be prevented from reflecting via the microphone. This is achieved by echo suppression.

Noise Filtering

Intercoms may be installed outdoors where the noise level may be high. To prevent this noise from interfering with the communication, Bandpass filters will be used to suppress background noises so that the voice frequencies can be heard.


A good intercom system should feature directional microphones which help to control noise and at the same time increase clarity.Sound amplification

Another important feature to look out for when shopping for a wireless intercom system is sound amplification. In certain cases, the sound needs to be amplified from the speakers so that the intercom is heard audibly across the room.

Sound frequency range

The average frequency range of many intercom systems is in the range of 300Hz-3000Hz. Most IP type intercom systems support up to 64 kilobyte per second

The average voice frequency range is approximately 300 Hz to 3000 Hz. Many IP type communication systems support 64 Kbps over the network, which supports normal voice frequencies (200 Hz to 4 KHz). There are some paging and intercom systems that support higher frequencies and provide better music acoustics.

Communication Reliability

Wired systems are more reliable than wireless systems. Look for intercoms that have optional communication channels.

Battery Life

Majority of intercom systems use the normal AA batteries. The advantage of this is that you can easily replace the batteries if they run out of charge. Although battery life tends to vary from one unit to the next, go for a unit that has battery life of at least 4 months when in standby mode.


When you buy an intercom system, chances are that it will have two units that you can install in your house. But if you want communication to cover more room, you will want to purchase more intercoms. Ensure that the intercom model you want to buy supports scalability. This way, you can add more intercom units as you need them.


Intercom systems vary in terms of intuitiveness and ease of use. When buying an intercom system, look for units that are easily operable by voice or hand, and give you various communication options. The best wireless intercom system will include pager capabilities and also the option to speak with even one respondent.

Fast and Easy Installation

Easy setup is another important feature when buying an intercom unit. You want something that won’t give you problems when installing. To know how easy or difficult it is to install a unit, read customer reviews and also talk to people who own the same kind of equipment as you.

Review of the Top 6 Home Intercome Systems


As far as smart devices go, not many products have made me as thrilled as the Nucleus intercom. This is a video intercom that packs communication features for relatively young families. The fact that it has Alexa integration is just too good to believe.nucleus-anywhere-intercomSimply put, the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom refers to a wall/countertop-mounted video chat gadget meant to be used as a video intercom. Primarily used for the home, this is a communication device for a family on the go, and at the same time is voice-activated virtual assistant.

It has loud and clear audio calls, and even its video calls are great. Its screen is almost as good as that of iPad 2, and the viewing angles are good as well. Its pixel density does not matter irrespective of your viewing distance.

The video quality may not be the best, but it still delivers a great job. With the Nucleus Intercom system, you can expect the video quality to be in the region of DVD resolution and at roughly 10 frames per second. Although it lacks the night vision mode, its video quality is great.


  • 8-inch Screen• Stereo speakers• Connects via Wi-Fi/Ethernet• AC adapter included• No need for one power meter• Comes with light direct channel buttons

Pros and Cons


  • It features great design and so you will not hesitate to set it up beside your bed desk or on your wall.
  • Also, it’s simple to install. As a matter of fact, it will work right away. There is not much you can tweak.
  • Doesn’t have any monthly fees
  • Another great thing with the Nucleus Everywhere Intercom is its vaunted versatility. With this gadget, you can do just about anything. There are many ways you can use its cameras and speakers.
  • Lastly, the Nucleus comes with a voice activation feature.


  • It’s designed for outdoor use only, meaning you can’t use it as doorbell.


As I stated above, the Nucleus is all I hoped it would be. It is certainly going to be a hit. The Nucleus is a perfect intercom, and it offers a fun way for families to communicate. In addition, it is a great VA for your home. However, it could do with some improvement. However, you should not hesitate if you ever get a chance to buy one. It is a great device.

Chamberlain Voice Activated Wireless Portable Intercom NLS2

The Chamberlain NLS2 is a high-tech friendly gadget perfect for not just homes but also offices. It has more than 300m-range and enables multiple simultaneous conversations, and it uses a 900 MHz digital radio link. It includes two intercoms which form exclusive network and only respond to other intercoms in that network only.Key features of the Chamberlain NLS2 include monitor mode and voice activation. It allows you to simultaneously broadcast to all channels or even speak to one user with Secured Link mode. If expanded with additional units, it can enhance the communication of your home to multiple locations. It is compatible with other Chamberlain models like NTD2, NDIS and NLS1.chamberlain-nls2-wireless-portable-intercom


  • Indoor portable intercoms that offer expandable and convenient communication within and without your home
  • 300-meter range with no power or wire connection required
  • Crystal clear and highly secure 900MHz digital communication
  • It also includes monitor mode and voice activation


  • Range of the device works perfectly and is capable of delivering clear signals to and fro the units
  • Very convenient to use
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Battery operated
  • Features both single and multi-channel communication
  • It is expandable meaning that it allows for easy communication within rooms• Improved controls


  • Device doesn’t include sufficient volume and mute option• Monitor mode only used with main or primary device


When you want an intercom system that’s both easy to use and also convenient, few can better the Chamberlain NLS2. Featuring two intercom units, the device is expandable to allow for multiple communications within multiple rooms. It also has a range of 1000 feet or 300 meters within which it can be operated without requiring wired or power connection. Its sound quality is also superb and an added benefit is that it is battery-powered. We highly recommend it.

Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom-Weather Resistants

This is a weather-resistant intercom system that features two sets of portable intercom which allow for expandable communication. By weather-resistant, it means that the device can work perfectly in any kind of weather. Its speaker system also covers a wide range of more than 300 meters or 1000 feet. This means that you can use it anywhere in the house. To get the best out of this intercom system, you need to have it mounted on the front door so that when your visitor calls, you can easily see who’s at the door.chamberlain-ntd2-wireless-indoor-outdoor-intercom-weather-resistants

The NTD2 allows you to create a perfect digital troubleshooting intercom system that’s easy to fix should it have any trouble. This is attributed to a number of factors including the simplicity of the operation of the device and the installation guide that it comes with.

Key Features

  • Operates on 900MHz frequency
  • Compatible with other Chamberlain wireless intercom systems like NDIS, NLS2, and even NLS1
  • Weather resistance makes it suitable for outdoor operations
  • It is expandable in the sense that you can add wireless intercom system to existing chamberlain intercom
  • Wide range of 1000 feet (300 meters) means that it can work without wired connection or power


  • Long range wireless intercom system that makes it very easy to communicate
  • It can network with other 64 units
  • It is weather resistant meaning that it works in all manner of weather conditions
  • Features secure channels that offer direct line of communication
  • Comes with 4 AA batteries
  • It’s very durable and can last for years


  • Though the system is quite good, the electrical system tends to be a bit noisy.


This is a very handy intercom system for home and office use. It comes with 4 channels as well as a volume control. With a decent range of 300 meters and the fact that it is weather-resistant, this device is perfect for outdoor use. The only minor bloat reported by some users is that it is a bit expensive and therefore not easily replaceable. But if you want something that will give you the most bang for your buck, the Chamberlain NDT2 is as good as they come.

Intercom Central 246

The Intercom Central 246 is among the best video intercoms that you will find in the market. It allows you to upgrade the two prongs intercom that already exists in your place to this 3-wire system that bridges the 2 phases of AC power-lines.intercom-central-246

And the good thing is that you won’t be seeing these wires all over the place. It is more of an invisible setup. It works by using the building’s power line, meaning that it doesn’t involve any radio wave. In this intercom system, the same electric wire is used. This is the power line already being used in the building.

The only minor drawback that some users have complained about is that the device isn’t compatible with outbuilding connection. However, the good news is that the device features four channels which basically give you the latitude to choose the number of connections you want.

The intercom Central 246 is an audio system that brings clarity and at the same time bridges the 2 phases of AC (alternating current) power lines in the property you are currently residing in. it can be used in virtually every room with so long as there is a power line.

Key Features

  • 4 channels
  • 4-station set power line intercom
  • Uses electrical wires currently found in your house
  • Bridges the 2 phases of AC power line stations communicate with each other via electrical wire


  • Uses the property’s electrical wiring and those does not involve messy wiring
  • Comes with four channels so you get to choose how many you want


  • Given that it’s very cheap, it may not contain more features as you may want. However, it does the job just fine.


Overall, this is a great intercom system and a doorbell in one. It completely eliminates the chaotic scene brought by connection wires. When you want to buy a sturdy intercom system at a fair price that you can afford, you need not look further than this. Since it uses the electrical wires in your house, it can be used in any room that has a power line.

Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System

The Samcom 10-channel intercom system is perfect for the aged or those individuals with poor sense of hearing. This is because it is louder compared to most intercom devices. You can’t miss an announcement if you crank up the speakers.samcom-10-channel-digital-fm-wireless-intercom-system


  • Wall mountable: it comes with screw holes that let you mount it easily.
  • 10-Channel Instant Intercom that is effective for distance of roughly 300 meters
  • It features individual Lock, Group and Talk function
  • It has a frequency range of 462-467 MHz
  • It can connect to other handheld 2-way radio
  • Packaging comes with power adapter, 2 USB cable and Intercom unit


  • Slim design: measuring just 7.2×4.8×1 inches, the Samcom intercom is among the slimmest intercom systems you can ever find on the market.
  • No installation required
  • It’s so simple to use since it does not require any set up. If you can use a wall plug, then you can use this intercom system.
  • Loud speakers: this makes it ideal for those with hearing problems or the old as they won’t have a problem understanding what’s being communicated.
  • Excellent reception: It performs extremely well in any room, even the basement.
  • 1000-foot range: it can send as well as receive broadcasts or announcements from 300 meters away.


  • It is a bit more expensive compared to other intercom systems. However, given that it is a little louder, comes with walkie-talkie and has a much better reception, you cannot really complain. The price is justified.


If you are looking for an intercom system to communicate with people with hearing problems, this is the unit you should go for. It is louder than majority of intercom systems, has excellent reception and delivers better reception than most.

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

Easy to use and understand, the Digital 3-Channel FM intercom system is specifically designed for aged people or individuals with hearing problems. It is the gadget for people who are not computer savvy and can be used even by 5-year olds. The intercom has great sound quality, and has no noise distortion whatsoever. The range for broadcast and reception is about 1000 feet or 300 meters. It works perfectly. digital-3-channel-fm-wireless-intercom-system

Key Features

  • It features a large Lock, Talk and Call button.
  • Superb volume control which can be adjusted to quiet soft, very loud and anywhere between.
  • You may use multiple units and the device also features 3 different channels that you can choose from
  • Superb broadcast and reception range of 1000 feet (300 meters)


  • Superior volume controls• Suitable for old or those with hearing problems
  • Has a broadcast and reception range of more than 1000 feet
  • Has 3 channels from which to choose


  • May pick up unwanted conversations especially if you live in a highly crowded place but this problem can be solved by switching to another channel


The Digital 3-Channel Wireless System is perfect for people who have hearing problems or those with advanced age. It delivers exceptional sound quality and has no noise or any distortion. More importantly, it has 3 channels that you can choose from. We recommend it.

Final Words

There is no doubt that intercom systems have greatly enhanced security. They allow you to not only talk to who is at the door but also see them. The market is awash with all kinds of intercom devices and so it can be quite difficult to narrow in on a good one for your use. But with our review above, you can be sure to get the best home intercom system for your needs.

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