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August Doorbell Cam Review


Doorbell cameras offer a safe and expedient way of knowing who’s knocking at your door without requiring you to approach or even open the door. With August Doorbell Cam, you will get the sharpest video images of your guests, plus an instantaneous push notification. You are free to enable a live video feed at anytime, and choose to lock or unlock the door depending on who’s knocking. The August Doorbell Cam also acts as Wi-Fi bridge for Smart Lock. I have used this doorbell for three months now and I am very impressed. Read my honest August Cam Doorbell review to learn more about it.


One funny thing with the August Doorbell Cam is that it doesn’t represent anything like a doorbell camera. In fact, it has no resemblance at all to a doorbell.august-doorbell-cameraIt comes with a square housing that measures 3 inches and has a thickness of 0.8 inches. It has 4 wired terminals which are for doorbell housing and 2 extra wires that lead to your present doorbell wires. It comes with 4 holes that you will use to mount the plate to the house. Kit comes with mounting edge which is for angling the camera down or up, anchors and mounting screws, sealing putty, spacer, and Allen wrench.

The Doorbell Cam comes in two colors, silver and dark gray. It has a big two-inch round button located at its center that activates camera and buzzer, 1280×960 HD camera and a motion sensor. Just below the buzzer sit a microphone and a speaker that allow 2-way audio exchange between your phone and the doorbell.

As opposed to other doorbell cameras I have used in the past, the August doorbell Cam does not use infrared LEDs to give light for nighttime vision. Instead, it employs low-light technology to give out color nighttime video.

Other features

One-way camera for privacy

The August Cam features a one-way HD camera which gives a great view of the person at the door right from your mobile device. At the same time, it ensures privacy in that the person outside cannot see you. Thanks to the on-demand video, you can activate a live stream to check who’s at your door at anytime and from anywhere.

View recordings of visitors

Another thing I find great with this doorbell is that it allows me to watch recordings of activities that I might have missed. Whether you just want to replay a conversation or you missed a guest, you can count on August Doorbell Cam to record every single interaction that happened at your door.

Always know who’s at the door

Every time the bell is rung, you get alerts on your phone. You can then see the person or even speak with them using your smartphone. And the beauty of it is that you don’t even need to be within the house. You could be anywhere you want to.

The Cam detects the lightest visitor motion, and identifies anybody at your door. Thanks to motion detection, you can see anybody outside even without them ringing the bell.

How August Doorbell Cam works

The August Cam works exactly like a traditional doorbell, but the good thing is that it includes several modern features which make the unit more useful compared to an average doorbell. It has a one-way camera which enables you to see your visitor but can’t let your visitor see you. (You don’t your guest to know that you are talking with them from the toilet.)

Once a caller to your house rings a bell, you get an instant notification on your phone. After that, you can tap your phone to see who’s at the door. If you want to talk to them, you can do that thanks to the 2-way audio. All this you will be doing from your tablet or smartphone. And if you happen to have a August Smart Lock, you could easily unlock the door in question and allow our guest in from the iPhone app.


The process of installing this video doorbell is not too difficult. To install it, I started with switching off the breaker that powers the front porch. After that, I removed a few of the screws to uninstall my previous doorbell. August requires that it is screwed in a base panel. This is to create a couple of new holes in the wood. However, the wiring from my old doorbell, which still existed, worked great for the installation. I just flipped back the breaker and I was in business.

When setting up Doorbell Cam you have two base panel options. You will be recommended on which of these to use from the installation guide. You will know whether to use an angled panel or a flat panel. When installing, I chose the angled panel which basically aims the camera in the direction of the visitor.

You will need to download an iOS app to help you with the process of installation. Doorbell Cam connects to your Wi-Fi and then works remotely. You are also free to invite your close and trusted family members to receive alerts or have access when you have a visitor. When a doorbell is pressed by your visitor the existing doorbell chime that is in your house rings. At the same time, you get an instant notification on your mobile device. The app allows you to hear your visitor and you can also let them hear you via the push-to-talk button.

Video quality

The 1280×960 HD-camera that this camera comes with delivers crisp, clear images of your visitors. The video is one-way, meaning that you can have full view of your visitor without them seeing you. This is good because you wouldn’t want your visitor to know what you are doing and exactly where you are in the house.

Audio quality

The audio quality is also is two-way. It means you can hear and talk back to your visitor. When you are not at home and you want to tell your visitor to come at a certain time, you can do so. The sound is clear both during the day and at night.

Pros and Cons


  • Consumers have always wanted to access Bluetooth lock without necessarily downloading August app. It is for people who may not have a smartphone but still want to enjoy the great features that come with the August Doorbell Cam. This is why the guys at August decided to bring an accessory keypad. Once fastened to the outer doorknob, you can send text messages without requiring using the August app.
  • The August Doorbell Cam enables you to control door lock without having to use a smartphone. You also know who’s visiting long before they ring the bell.
  • The lock design is impeccable. It has better grip, and its magnetic faceplate is perfect when it comes confirming the lock’s security.


  • The only minus about this doorbell is that must be hardwired. You have to hardwire the bell. It also comes in a frame which could be a problem especially for some doorframes.


We live in a fast-paced life. We have so much to do with so little time available. We need to have doorbells and locks that don’t need our constant monitoring. We want doors which can be operated right on the go. We need a system which can be made to synchronize our laptops, phones, watches and even tablets.

The doorbell features and advanced motion sensor that alerts you of a visitor well before they even attempt to ring the door. And if you don’t have a smartphone, you don’t have to worry because of the keypad that it comes with. From many an August Doorbell Cam review I have read, there is one thing that stands out: it delivers beyond exception.

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